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Responsive Web Design

How to Convert a Non-Responsive Website into a Responsive Website

Different Stylesheets for Differently Sized Browser Windows

HTML Responsive Web Design from W3Schools

10 Top Tips for Responsive Design – DIY Help for Mobile Friendly HTML

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Icons for your Icon needs

Looking for ready made icons for your next or current project?
Take a look at the They offer icons in multiple categories and you can also submit your own creations!

Our favorite category is of course the science and math category and specifically the Vitruvian Man

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Couple new logos from the heavy-weights

Interesting times in the logo and brand world – two giant size companies reveals new logos …

New Logo from eBay

Official announcement page

Our take – Like it.

Also worth reading

eBay has a new logo, and it’s less interesting than Microsoft’s

By Wayne Williams

New MS logo

Here’s the YouTube video …

Our verdict – looks kinda boring.

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How You Can Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

You want to make your wedding day perfect; special in every way possible. This could mean custom designed invitations or perhaps you have decided to create your own, to give them that added personal touch. It could also be your budget doesn’t allow for you to go all out on invites, but you still want that beautiful, romantic look. Creating your own wedding invitations is a great way to achieve one-of-a-kind, special looks that you will not find anywhere else.

Saves you Money

Wedding invitations can cost you a lot of money, especially if you are getting them custom created. Some brides may think they are not creative enough to design their own invitations, but it is not as difficult as you might believe. To design your own invite cuts down on costs and in fact is one of the most popular ways to trim a budget. It is possible to create your own wedding invitations for under $50, including paper, supplies and much more for 100 guests.

Get Help and use Existing Patterns

If you are afraid of the time crunch, get some friends or family to help out; they don’t have to be crafty, especially if you use templates or printed patterns and designs and it’s pretty simple to place cutouts onto blank cards. Instead of creating your own cards, purchase blank ones from craft or stationary stores, they are not only cheaper, but they will cut down a lot of time.

Once you have your ideas on paper, you can either use templates, stencils or get a copy shop to print out your text for you. If you use a copy shop, you will find they are actually inexpensive to use, especially for bulk orders, and they are quick as well. They can also cut your cards and do the folding for you to make sure the seams match properly. Another option is checking out the many templates online and DIY instructions on how to fold the card stock evenly and how to use existing materials you can find around your home to turn you into an artist.

You can use printable clipart found online, rubber stamps which can be purchased from most craft stores, and even use pressed flowers for a beautiful look for your invitation. You don’t have to worry about your own designs looking cheap or amateur, you don’t even have to be that creative, with the tools now available to you, you can create the perfect invites for your wedding without hurting your budget.

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Here’s a great video from about “ homepage evolution”.

Evolution of a homepage from 37signals on Vimeo.

There’s a really interesting comment from Russell Lundstrom 15 Sep 11

That is very cool. Seemed like a lot of work at first but then I watched it. Boy, if you could timeline analytics on all your biz processes, that would be something…

Looking forward to see someone to do the implementation 😉

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Oops ;-)

OGC unveils new logo to red faces

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